Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Company Lunch Trip To Kulim On 7/Jul/2010

We had a company lunch trip on 7/7/2010 to Kulim famous fish farm and Sungai Sedim Tree Top Walk, in conjunction with the reward presentation for our agents who achieved target.

Before the lunch war began...............

View the following dishes at your own risk. Very tempting, here we go......

It took very great effort to maintain being well behaved gentlemen. when you saw these. Look, people started to stand off the chairs. Worse scene after that, but I decided not to post those pictures. You know what I mean.

One of the fish farms

Orders received, big fish in net.

Processing before being sent to kitchen. Really fresh.

Reward for those who didn't make target. Warning, eat it yourself, or we make you.

So, this lady quickly called her clients.
Group photos. Although some did not turn up, or prefer to turning backward to the camera.

After that, we headed to Tree Top Walk.
We left our tension here. Refreshing........

She dropped her 1 cent, we already advised her she could earn back.

O.K, he got it. And kept it.
See you next time.

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